Wines that stand out

We share with you the passion of a family of vineyard owners from the Upper Douro, who carry the ancient knowledge of the ancestors that tamed the rough slopes that border the Douro River to make wines with a distinctive soul. Wines as unique as the people who think and create them. In the dry and harsh climate, the best national grape varieties evolve from the heat of shale and granite soils that lend our generous wines a unique character which you will want to experiment. We produce exceptional concentrated wines that know how to mature well.

Casa Agrícola Rebelo Afonso

The Rebelo Afonso family is heir of an agricultural tradition in the production of olive oil and wine dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. Land owners of 10 hectares that stretch along the counties of Meda and Foz Côa, the family cherished the dream of creating C.A.R.A. wines, a reflection of the persistence and effort of generations of people who know and live in the Upper Douro.